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Andrey Mohyla

Designer beds allow not just enjoy a comfortable rest, but also can become a fancy accent in the interior. These properties are masterfully incorporated into the bed BRUNO from the manufacturer. This model is a striking example of the combination of convenience, functionality and aesthetics. The back of the bed is made in the form of bulky squares, giving the model the underlined severity.

The design has a roomy compartment for bedding, lifting gear and a removable bottom. The functionality of the model makes it an excellent option for those who want to buy a reliable bed that will last a long time. In turn, the exquisite simplicity of the design fills the space with an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

* the bed doesn't include the mattress
type / Beds


(length * width * height)

  • 2310*1890*960
  • 2310*2090*960
  • 2310*2290*960
  • 2310*2490*960

Size of bed

(length * width)

  • 2000*1400
  • 2000*1600
  • 2000*1800
  • 2000*2000

Upholstery of the inner frame

  • flexible polyurethane foam
  • sintepon
  • synthetic siliconized thermally fused