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type / sliding dining table

Solid and durable MATTEO dining table is suitable for six people. Although, this is only in the folded form. While the sliding mechanism allows increasing the number of seats for two more people at least. The mechanism is smooth and quiet to cope with it easily and quickly. With such a table, unexpected guests on the threshold will not make you feel uncomfortable.

The table is made of oak veneer, with simple and smooth shapes in the form of a rectangle. The style is rigorous, almost Nordic, with no extra details and decoration. Thanks to this simplicity, it fits the design of many types of interior and is combined with many styles.

MATTEO Table will be an excellent family purchase or an excellent purchase for people who love to receive guests. 

type / sliding dining table


(length * width * height)

  • 1400/2200*900*770
  • 1600/2400*900*770
  • 1800/2600*900*770
  • 1600/2200/2800*900*770
  • 1800/2400/3000*900*770

Types of decor and plate materials decor

  • veneer (painting, lacque finish, oil finish )

Types of decor and metal elements decor

  • insert elements: wooden trim lacquered or oiled
  • supports (powder painting, matte, decors: Black/ White)
  • frames (powder painting, matte, decors: Black/ White)