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Pavel Vetrov

The geometry, clarity and perfection of the lines became an inspiration for creating a shelving module featured in the IN FRAME collection . The cleanliness of the forms allows to look at the structure strictly and gracefully at the same time. An additional attraction is created by the unique texture of the wood, accentuated by the use of natural veneer.

The multifunctional shelving can serve for storing books, magazines, decor elements. This model is notable for its ergonomics, it does not clutter up space and creates a feeling of lightness. Buying a modular shelving is the ideal solution for those who appreciate freedom in the interior and do not accept unnecessary details.

type / Shelving unit


(length * height * depth)

  • 1130*380*350

Types of materials used

  • veneer

Types of decor and plate materials decor

  • veneer (painting, lacque finish, oil finish )