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The use of veneer in the decoration of interior surfaces allows you to bring the very exclusive design solutions to life. In the manufacturing process we adhere to European quality standards and choose only environmentally friendly materials. Unique patterns of natural veneer make our products truly aesthetic and elegant.


Ideally processed surfaces together with advanced painting technologies create the best performance characteristics of products. We work with natural oak veneer. Every surface has an unsurpassed appearance, tinted in trendy shades. High-quality and environmentally friendly paint materials highlight the natural texture of wood and its pores. The ideal surface plane is achieved due to quality control of all parts on the unique equipment. If necessary, we also provide services for additional mechanical processing of the surfaces.



The use of veneer in the decoration of interior surfaces allows you to bring the very exclusive design solutions to life.

Wall panels

We produce wall panels lined with natural oak veneer. The basis of the panel is MDF or chipboard plate from 8 to 36 mm thick. Wall panels embody the classic style and modern technology, elegance, practicality and ease of use. Besides the decorative function they have great sound insulation and energy saving properties. In the production process our specialists use the latest equipment and high-quality materials.

Rack partitions

Rack partitions can organize the room space into functional areas. Having installed rack partitions, you can allocate a personal area of space even in a small room. This adds to the most efficient use of area. In the production process veneered chipboards and MDF slats are.

Hidden interior doors

Interior doors are hidden in their structure and are in perfect harmony with the wall panels. They are made of veneered chipboard, combining high quality, presentable appearance and a relatively low cost. You can order flush-mounted interior doors of any size.

Furniture parts

Furniture parts is another area of ZEGEN expertise. We manufacture not only ready-to-use products, but also elements of future furniture (tables, facades, cabinets etc.). Countertops made of high-quality veneered MDF, door facades, various shelves and partitions made of chipboard and fiberboard — this is not a complete list of furniture parts that are produced under the strict guidance of our specialists.

Modern interior with veneer elements will bring a touch of naturalness and environmental friendliness to your interior, elegant general looks, a sign of good taste and individuality.

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